Periodontal Systemic Disease Interactions & Mucous Membrane Diseases

Board Preparation and Recertification   Periodontal Systemic Disease Interactions & Mucous Membrane Diseases Nisengard RJ. Periodontal implications: mucocutaneous disorders. Ann Periodontol 1996;1(1):401-438. Beck JD, Offenbacher S. Systemic effects of periodontitis: epidemiology of periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. J Periodontol 2005;76(11 Suppl):2089-2100. Mattila KJ, Pussinen PJ, Paju S. Dental infections and cardiovascular diseases: a review. J […]

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Periodontal Surgical and Nonsurgical Therapy

Board Preparation and Recertification   Periodontal Surgical and Nonsurgical Therapy Kaldahl WB, Kalkwarf KL, Patil KD, Molvar MP, Dyer JK. Long-term evaluation of periodontal therapy. I. Response to four therapeutic modalities. J Periodontol 1996;67:93-102. Ochsenbein C, Bohannan H. The palatal approach to osseous surgery. I. Rationale J Periodontol 1963;34:60-68. Ochsenbein C. A primer for osseous […]

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Periodontal Regenerative Therapy

Board Preparation and Recertification   Periodontal Regenerative Therapy (comment- this is the only reference listed on ABP’s site) Bowers GM, Schallhorn RG, McClain PK, Morrison GM, Morgan R, Reynolds MA. Factors influencing the outcome of regenerative therapy in mandibular Class II furcations: Part I. J Periodontol 2003;74(9):1255-1268  

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Periodontal Plastic and Esthetic Surgery

Board Preparation and Recertification   Periodontal Plastic and Esthetic Surgery Allen EP. Use of mucogingival surgical procedures to enhance esthetics. Dent Clin North Am 1988;32(2):307-330. Jorgensen MG, Nowzari H. Aesthetic crown lengthening. Periodontol 2000 2001;27:45-58. Kois JC. The restorative-periodontal interface: biological parameters. Periodontol 2000 1996;11:29-38. Kokich VG, Mathews DP. Surgical and orthodontic management of impacted […]

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Local Contributing Factors

Board Preparation and Recertification   Local Contributing Factors Hancock EB, Mayo CV, Schwab RR, Wirthlin MR. Influence of interdental contacts on periodontal status. J Periodontol 1980;51(8):445-449. Harrel SK, Nunn ME. The effect of occlusal discrepancies on periodontitis. II. Relationship of occlusal treatment to the progression of periodontal disease. J Periodontol 2001;72(4):495-505. Neiderud AM, Ericsson I, […]

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Emerging Periodontal Therapies

Board Preparation and Recertification   Emerging Periodontal Therapies Boyapati L, Wang HL. The role of platelet-rich plasma in sinus augmentation: a critical review. Implant Dent 2006;15(2):160-170. Marx RE. Platelet-rich plasma: evidence to support its use. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2004;62(4):489-496. Sanchez AR, Sheridan PJ, Kupp LI. Is platelet-rich plasma the perfect enhancement factor? A current […]

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Patient Inactivation Letter


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Dear Patient,

We hope this letter finds youhappyand healthy.Weare writing concerning your oralhealth.Afterseveral attempts to reachyou by phone to talk with you,wehavedecided to write you a letter.Thisletter concerns you continuing your periodontal therapy in our office.

Previously,we have recommended certain periodontalprocedures for your health.Thoserecommendations were based on knowledge and understanding of yourparticularcase.Themain benefit is thatperiodontal therapy will help your teeth last a lifetime…as they wereintended to.

Weare all truly concerned that you receive needed dentalcare.Since we havebeen unable toeffectively schedule therapy appointments for you, we are placing youin ourinactive files.

Thismeans that it is now your responsibility to contactus for further appointments rather than for us to continue to try andcontactyou.If this is notyour wish,pleasecall our office today to let us knowwhat your intentions are concerning your periodontal health or fill outthebottom section of this letter and return it to us by mail.If there is anything wecan do to be ofbetter service to you now or in the future,please do not hesitate to call.


Dr. Spindler 

_____I would liketo come in.Pleasecall me to arrange anappointment.

_____ I didn’t realize it had beenso long.Iwill call you soon for anappointment (887-8205)

_____ I am not interested.Please remove my name from your active list.

This office cares aboutyour opinion. Ifthere issomething you think we canimprove on,pleasetell us.Pleasefeel free to make any comments aboutyour experience as a patient in our office either on the reverse sideof thisform, or on our questionnaire.Yourinput is important to help us serve the community better!

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