LouiSiaNa PErio: Continuing Education
Dedicated to Alumni and Residents

The site was originally developed for resident use.  We know the classic perio education is a three year blend of clinical training along with an extensive study of current and historic perio and implant literature. The literature review of scientific papers forms the basis of everything we do in our specialty. This training is extensive and exhaustive and prepares the resident for :successfully passing their board exams, understanding the biologic basis for why procedures work and heal as they do and being able to review new products and techniques with a critical eye such that decisions can be made whether or not to offer these services or products to patients. The mission of the site has expanded. It is offered to our LSU Perio family

  1. To provide an online reference for periodontists and residents with abstracts comprising a classical periodontal and implant literature.  The content is organized by topic and also by seminar number.
  2. To provide an online source of study for periodontists preparing for board examinations and recertifications.
  3. To provide abstracts of current periodontal and implant literature in a journal club format to help keep practicing doctors up to date.
  4. To provide online CE for those completing a short quiz after each journal club.
  5. To provide current residents with an online reference for their practice management class.
  6. To highlight examples of 3rd year residents case work.

Literature content in abstract form

Our classic literature review is presented in two forms.  Both are searchable with a search engine. Two listings are presented.  The first is our current seminar in the order that it is presented to the residents. In the second, major topic headings are listed and then broken down by subject.  You will have to log in to view the content.

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ImplanT and Advance Surgery Seminar literature 

The implant and advanced surgery literature series is presented in one format and is arranged by topic.  You will have to log in to view the content.

Journal Club

Our journal club is a selection of current articles of interest with various topic ranging from implant to traditional periodontal treatment.  A continuing education option is available for those wishing to participate.  You will have to log in to view the content.
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Board recertification

ABP recertification is required every 6 years.  The suggested reading list with bottom lines from these studies are available here.


View some of the best work of our recently departed residents.  Some of these were shown in the recent Show and Tell presentation held each June, before graduation. Current second and third year residents attend a practice management course. Course content is available online and is for their use only.
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