Patient Inactivation Letter

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Dear Patient,

We hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.We are writing concerning your oral health.After several attempts to reach you by phone to talk with you,we have decided to write you a letter.This letter concerns you continuing your periodontal therapy in our office.

Previously,we have recommended certain periodontal procedures for your health.Those recommendations were based on knowledge and understanding of your particular case.The main benefit is that periodontal therapy will help your teeth last a lifetime…as they were intended to.

We are all truly concerned that you receive needed dental care.Since we have been unable to effectively schedule therapy appointments for you, we are placing you in our inactive files.

This means that it is now your responsibility to contact us for further appointments rather than for us to continue to try and contact you.If this is not your wish,please call our office today to let us know what your intentions are concerning your periodontal health or fill out the bottom section of this letter and return it to us by mail.If there is anything we can do to be of better service to you now or in the future,please do not hesitate to call.


Dr. Spindler

_____I would like to come in.Please call me to arrange an appointment.

_____ I didn’t realize it had been so long.I will call you soon for an appointment (887-8205)

_____ I am not interested.Please remove my name from your active list.

This office cares about your opinion. If there is something you think we can improve on,please tell us. Please feel free to make any comments about your experience as a patient in our office either on the reverse side of this form, or on our questionnaire.Your input is important to help us serve the community better!