Journal Club – Academic Year 2016-2017

Journal Club

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August 23, 2016 Topics (click topic to go directly to abstract)

  1. Lateral alveolar ridge augmentation

  2. Technique for nasal floor elevation for implant placement in the atrophic anterior maxilla

  3. Papilla regeneration technique for inter implant prosthetics

  4. Localized Aggressive Periodontitis

  5. Er:YAG Laser-Assisted Periodontal Regeneration

  6. Regeneration- Minimally Invasive

  7. Osteotome sinus floor elevation

  8. Bone block graft – palatal block

  9. CTG at implant placement

  10. Sinus lift perforations

  11. Root coverage – review article

  12. Turned Implants in Vertical Augmented Bone

  13. Implant Diameter Selection During Immediate Implant Placement

  14. Implant surgery- Establishing and Maintaining Osseointegration

  15. Sinus Augmentation Procedure – Palatal Approach


January 2017 Topics (click topic to go directly to abstract)

  1. Long-term outcomes of osteotome sinus floor elevation without bone grafts
  2. Long-term outcomes after vestibuloplasty with porcine collagen matrix (Mucograft) versus the free gingival graft
  3. Oral Health Literacy and Measures of Periodontal Disease
  4. Comparison Between Dexamethasone and Ibuprofen for Postoperative Pain Prevention
  5. Assessment of Marginal Peri-Implant Bone-Level Short-Length Implants Compared with Standard Implants
  6. A Possible Link Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontitis
  7. Comparison of Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Parameters and Crestal Bone Loss Around Immediately Loaded and Delayed Loaded Implants in Smokers and Non-Smokers
  8. Influences of Obesity on Periodontitis Progression is Conditional on Interleukin-1
  9. Guided Tissue Regeneration Involving Piercing-Induced Lingual Recession
  10. Modified Lip Repositioning with Esthetic Crown Lengthening
  11. Prospective Assessment of Platform-Switched Laser-Microchannel Implants Placed in Limited Interimplant Spaces
  12. Combined Regenerative and Mucogingival Treatment of Deep Intrabony Defects Associated with Buccal Gingival Recession
  13. Saving an Integrating Implant Involved with Endodontic Implant Pathology Using Surgical Treatment
  14. The Correlation Between Immediate Implant Insertion Torque and Implant Stability Quotient
  15. Biomechanical, Biologic, and Clinical Outcomes of Undersized Implant Surgical Preparation
  16. Two-Year Evaluation of a Sloped Marginal Contour Implant System Placed in Healed Sites
  17. Does Obstructive Sleep Apnea Increase the Risk for Periodontal Disease
  18. Fluvastatin Inhibits Osteoclast Differentiation


February 2017 Topics (click topic to go directly to abstract)

  1. Periodontal Healing Distally to Second Mandibular Molar after Third Molar Coronectomy
  2. Development of Implant Stability Quotient values of implants placed with simultaneous sinus floor elevation
  3. Clinical performance of two-piece zirconia implants in the posterior mandible and maxilla
  4. Treatment of peri-implantitis: clinical outcome of chloramine as an adjunctive to non-surgical therapy
  5. Results- Before and After Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity with Cyanoacrylate and Laser
  6. Zirconia dental implants: where are we now, and where are we heading
  7. Clinical Trial Comparing Four Periodontitis Treatment Strategies: 5-Year Tooth Loss Results
  8. Correction of Buccal Dehiscence During Immediate Implant Placement Using the Flapless Technique
  9. Cortical lamina technique: approach for lateral ridge augmentation using guided bone regeneration
  10. Chemotherapeutic decontamination of dental implants colonized by mature multispecies oral biofilm
  11. Clinical relevance of dimensional bone and soft tissue alterations post-extraction in esthetic sites
  12. Sinus floor elevation procedures to enable implant placement and integration


March 2017 Topics (click topic to go directly to abstract)

  1. Outcomes of Undersized Implant Surgical Preparation: A Systematic Review.

  2. Sloped Marginal Contour Implant System Placed in Healed Sites.

  3. Subperiosteal minimally invasive aesthetic ridge augmentation technique (SMART)

  4. Entire papilla preservation technique

  5. Combined Regenerative and Mucogingival Treatment of Deep Intrabony Defects

  6. Saving an Integrating Implant Involved with Endodontic Implant Pathology

  7. Hybrid Implants in Healthy and Periodontally Compromised Patients

  8. Aesthetic outcome of immediately restored single implants in maxillary anterior

  9. Relationship Between Frequent Recreational Cannabis Use and Periodontitis

  10. 1.2% Rosuvastatin and 1.2% Atorvastatin Gel Local Drug Delivery in the Treatment of Class II Furcation Defects

  11. Healing at Molar Extraction Sites With and Without Ridge Preservation

  12. Mandibular Degree II Furcation Defects Treatment With Platelet-Rich Fibrin and 1% Alendronate Gel Combination

  13. Connective tissue graft and tunnel or trapezoidal flap for the treatment of single maxillary gingival recessions

  14. Post-extraction mesio-distal gap reduction assessment by CLSM

  15. Treatment Concept for a Patient with a High Smile Line and Gingival Pigmentation

  16. Single-Tooth Implant Restorations in Fresh Extraction Sockets of the Maxillary Esthetic Zone